Before you burn🔥 precious time & money💰 
hiring & training a Community Manager for your online membership...let's talk.

Do you need help... 

  • Assessing a team member to see if they are a good fit to be your Community Manager {or a headache in the making?}.  
  • Hiring someone who has the skills, mindset and personality to love on your members, without being a train-wreck behind the scenes {top performers only!!}.
  • Training someone to truly understand the power of community and how to do it strategically; making a win-win for your business, your sanity, your member's success and your bottom line {cha-ching}.

Looking for something a bit more "Do It Yourself" and FREE? ... I got you!

Let's dip your toe into the world of Community Strategy by reading my
Ultimate Guide to Engaging Your Online Community Members.  ⇢

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The Ultimate Guide to Engaging your Online Community Members!

Learn how to engage your membership RIGHT...without being a slave to it 24/7.  
*For membership hosts wearing all the hats or Community Managers in the trenches.  


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