Hey there.  I'm Shane and Diana is fixing her site at the mo.

Truth:  Diana got a little "adventurous" playing with new themes and instead of "trying" it on...she apparently APPLIED IT...and that's why I'm here.  Crossing my arms and looking *eyebrow raisingly* intense.  

While some might see this as a moment to shit one's pants...Diana chooses to pretend to be a random stock image guy and make light of it.

*All COMMUNITY goodness for established membership owners will be back...um...shortly.

Sink your "brain teeth" into one of my
 "word babies" on da'blog!

Dine on all things "COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT" and how to tap into your ninja community manager skills.

One Self-Inflicted Community Killer & How to Keep Your Paid Membership Community Engaged
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The real reason why no one sees your posts in your Free Facebook group and what to do if your group is DEAD.
Picture it.  You’ve got something exciting to share with your community today.A new webinar, online program, a shiny new offer[...]
How to name your membership…like a boss!
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This is where my glowing testimonials will soon live.

Stock Photo Woman with a hat

Came with the template

This is where my glowing testimonials will soon live.

Hipster with a beard and chain.

Came with the template.

Manage your membership community like a boss without burning out!

Maybe you're wearing all the hats in your membership, or you have a team member managing your group.  Learn how to engage your group RIGHT...without being a slave to it 24/7.


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