Build an
ENGAGED online community for your

That's right dude.  It's finally time to learn when and how to build, engage, and kill a an online community (yes...sometimes a community needs to be taken out behind the barn).

Public Service Announcement:  To be clear, I mean community for your CLIENTS.  You know...those awesome people that you help in exchange for moolah. 

Maybe they threw their credit card at you, sent you a cheque (do those still exist?), or tied a wad of cash to the leg of a pigeon and gave him your address); however they did it, they gave you money in exchange for something you offer.

So, to be clear, we aren't talking about a Free Facebook group where you sink hours of your limited time, energy and - lets be real here - sanity, trying to engage people (that aren't even on your email list).  Do yourself a favour and dodge the free community bullet. 

Now I realise that you might already have one, and that's ok.  Shit happens and then you die (as my Dad used to say before he...well...died.  Read that tear-jerker of a story and how it impacted my approach to community HERE).

Now, if you already have a free Facebook group... hit pause and take an honest look at why you have it and how it's contributing to your business (and what it's taking away from it). 

Not sure how to assess it?  Maybe I could help.  Shoot me an email and let me know. But enough about free Facebook groups...that's not why you're here. 

Maybe you're here to build a profitable community for a program you created.

That's right.  You nailed the course and you're freaked out about the community. 

You know you need one, and your clients do too...but how do you set it up?  What platform do you use?  What about guidelines? Dealing with Assholes and crickets!!! WTF do you do if no one engages? Ahhhhh!

Fantastic news...I have an UG (Ultimate Guide) for that. 

--> The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Online Community From Scratch.

Maybe you're here to engage an existing community. 

Hearing crickets?  Not sure how to get the ball rolling without you doing all the work?  What tactics should you use? How can you turn things around?

You're in luck.  I have an UG for that too! 

--> The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Your Online Community Members.

It's time for you to stop wondering how to
make a community happen, and simply DO IT. 

With my ultimate guides and resources, you'll be able to nail community like a boss, and avoid the mistakes, time sucks and all that negative shit that keeps you on the fence about pulling the trigger.

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PS:  Psssss...
"The Diana Tower Show" is coming!
An invitation only podcast kicking off first week of January 2018. 

I'll be doing solo episodes to dig into YOUR burning community questions, AND I'll be sitting down with successful entrepreneurs that I know personally, to get to know them in a fun and authentic way.

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Guests include: Primoz Bozic, Nick Wolney, Marc Aarons, Frank Magnotti, Camille Virginia, Sarah Jones, Chris Out, Sam Interrante and many more. 

This podcast ain't your typical business podcast.  With a segment called "Controversial Sandwiches" and with guests that make music with their mouths, take off their pants LIVE, and who dance out the won't want to miss it. 

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My Mission: To help you build and engage a uniquely YOU community that supports your paying clients and your business.