I'm the Jean-Luc Picard
...of Facebook Groups {ENGAGE!}.

Want build a community for your flagship course community or membership?

That's right.  You aren't the type to slap up a Facebook group, auto post daily and call it a day.  You want to set it up RIGHT the first time.

  • But how do you set it up? 
  • What platform do you use? 
  • What about guidelines?
  • Dealing with Assholes and crickets!!!
  • WTF do you do if no one engages? Ahhhhh!

Fantastic news...I got you covered. 

--> The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Online Community From Scratch.

Or perhaps you're here to engage your existing community. 

  • Hearing crickets? 
  • Not sure how to get the ball rolling without you doing all the work? 
  • What tactics should you use?
  • How can you turn things around?

You're in luck.  I've got you (or your Community Manger) covered.

--> The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Your Online Community Members.

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