Diana is the Jean-Luc Picard of Online Communities…ENGAGE!

Diana Tower helps A-list entrepreneurs create engaged online communities for their flagship courses {during their launches and beyond}.

She currently serves as the trusted Community Manager and a Senior Business Coach for Ramit Sethi’s “Zero to Launch Accelerator” — a 7-figure online business coaching program.  

She also supported (and continues to support) Publicity and Marketing Strategist Selena Soo with her “Impacting Millions”course community during her 7-figure launch in 2018.

Diana has written two ultimate guides; Building Profitable Online Communities From Scratch and Engaging Online Community Members.  Her no-BS perspective on community has been featured on GrowthLabSuper Fast Business,  It Girl AcademyOwn Your Self and she was the guest expert in the Active Campaign essay on setting up a community for a product.

In late 2017, Diana had the honour of MC’ing Ramit Sethi’s Forefront live event in front of 500 ambitious entrepreneurs where she shared the stage with American happiness researcher Shawn Achor and 4x New York Times best-selling author, Gretchen Ruben.

Diana is driven to empower CEOs to delegate 99% of their community management and loves training caring Community Managers so they can own their role with confidence and become strategic AF.  

Diana enjoys colourful language, creating custom GIFs and connecting cool people. She’s Canadian and lives in the south of Spain with her husband and small son.

"The way she brought the community together was truly skillful. In a community that had a culture of somewhat "toxic masculinity", no-empathy/no-excuses,

Diana busted through all of that, offered an entirely new paradigm of what it could mean to be successful and completely turned it around. From a place where no one spoke up for fear of being chastised to a place where it felt like any question was okay, any fear could be worked through and any problem was solvable - no shame. If it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't have joined in the first place." 

- Tiffany Mclain

"I've had the privilege of being a member of a few communities that Diana has helped shape. In all of them she handled them exactly how they needed to be handled.

Each community felt just right for the course or service I was a member of, using the delivery mechanism that suited the membership, whether that was Slack or Facebook.

Diana is a smart individual with bold ideas around community that just work. They work for the people within it, and they work for the founder.

Diana is also what I'd term a catalyst. The person that allows a team to be as productive, as effective, and as efficient as it is."

- Jonathan Ballinger

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