Hi. I’m Diana Tower {that poised lady on stage above} and I'm here to A some Qs for ya!

That's right...I'm reading your mind!  RIGHT NOW!

Who am I and why are membership owners burning money?

We’ll I jumped the gun on this one {see name above} but if you’re lookin’ for more than the name on my birth certificate, fasten your seat belts.

I’m a Community Strategist on a mission to help membership owners to truly understand and benefit from the power for community...and in doing so stop burning buckets of money.

Wait what? Burning money you say? Now I’ve got your attention, haven’t I?

You see, so many membership owners invest A LOT of time, energy and dolla’ bills in client acquisition, marketing, sales pages, and launches...but what happens after all that?

How do you ensure that your members have an amazing experience every step of the way?
How do you ensure that your membership survives the monthly expenses audit?
How do you use the power of human connection to make your membership a pain-killer and not just a Flintstones vitamin?
How do you organically collect testimonials, new updates idea, streamline and product development?
How do you harness the power of community, without burning out?

Honestly, it’s shocking how many people take the “if I build it they will engage” approach to their membership groups...and then months after the launch they are flabbergasted when their members start saying “peace out” and cancel their memberships.

As you’ll come to know...I don’t BS my clients...and I’m here to give it to your straight.

Community is vital to the long term success and growth of a paid member (retention baby!).

Community does NOT magically happen without planning, management and care.

What's my story?

Community has always been a huge part of my life...especially when I was a kid...because honestly...I didn’t have one.

I was like the hungry kid looking in the window on a massive Christmas feast.

My Dad was an F-18 fighter pilot in the Canadian Air Force and we moved every 2 years or so. This meant not only was I chubby, and painfully shy...but I was perpetually the NEW kid.

Long story short...I was bullied for most of my childhood and soon found myself wanting to blend in...and be invisible. I desperately wanted to fit and make others feel welcome too...and this still shows up today.

Whenever I join an online Community, you’ll see it happen. I take the time to connect with other members FIRST and then introduce myself. I look for situations to help others and drop it like it’s hawt.

As a business owner, it’s kinda nice to have me in your corner...and that’s how I got my first gig as a Community Manager in 2016.

Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch program used to have an optional coaching membership called Accelerator {a 7 figure membership I would soon find out}...so I signed up and just “did my thang”.

The company soon took notice {honestly I couldn’t help myself from helping others!} and after a couple months found myself being offered the role of Community Manager and later joining their team of Business Coaches!

I did that for 3 amazing years, and when they decided to close the program, I started working with new clients.

Lovely clients like Selena Soo, {PR and media specialist} who not only wanted to bring her members together in her communities, but wanted the community to support them in getting massive results.

In 2018, I realised that while I adored working with my 1on1 clients, (and still do) I felt like I was also still trying to be “invisible” like when I was a kid.

No one in my industry really knew who I was or what I was doing. I didn’t mind that so much but what I did mind was how so few people in the online business world truly understood, valued or respected Community.

There is a serious lack of awareness, misinformation {fake news} and no one was speaking up about it.

Community needed an ambassador. Someone to stand beside her and present her in a language so business owners could understand the value that a strategic and emotionally driven community could provide their business.

And you know what...it’s no coincidence that Wonder Woman’s name is also DIANA. Cause I’m suiting up and drawing attention to this fundamental part of a membership business that is often glossed over and underestimated.

What exactly do I do?

With 1on1 clients, I assess the current state of their existing community and review their operations systems from both a strategic and emotional perspective...both are fundamental to establishing true connection and relationships.

You can’t have community without THE FEELS!

We create a strategic plan to optimise the community and the team supporting it.  We look at everything including but not limited to:

Sales page {ensuring you’re attracting the right members}
Onboarding {ensuring you’re delivering needed direction, triggering emotions and addressing objections every step of the way...without overwhelming members with information overload.
Community assets {ensuring you have the foundations in place to save you and your team time and set expectations}
Backend management systems and operations {ensuring you have time saving systems in place to protect your time and empower team members}
Engagement Triggers {ensuring you support organic engagement with team driven efforts}
And so much more but this about me page is getting a bit intense.

The newest kid on the “work with me” option block is my 8 week live coaching program: Community Catalysts.

Community Catalysts is the most hands on, holistic approach to educating and training amazing Community Managers in a live group setting.

UNICORN community managers that give their teams peace of mind, save them hours of time and buckets of energy...all while facilitating a member experience that creates members for LIFE. Boosting retention, face-punching churn and sprinkling in benefits for the business at every turn (product development, customer research, testimonials, and more).

My approach is simple...we keep the 3 key community players happy as clams.

The members: As without them...there ain’t no membership or the recurring monthly income.
The business owner/Boss/Team: Cause if these guys aren’t happy...no one is happy. A Community Manager is responsible for the community but you need to show everyone else that it’s vital to the business and bottom line as well.
The Community Manager: The person DOING all the things. If you don’t take care of yourself, prioritize personal growth and enjoying what you do...you’ll sweave into the fast lane to BURN OUT.

Where do I do this work?

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I work from my office nook or super cozy Spanish cafes in the South of Spain.

That’s right...this Canadian cashed in her “dual citizenship” cheque and moved to Spain...met the love of her life {cue Spanish hottie}...got hitched, had a bambino and is now able to bust out Spanish like a local {or so she likes to think}.

While most of my work is 100% remote and allows me to work pantless from my couch, I do have a dream...of hosting a retreat in an amazing hotel (just a 15 minute drive from my house).

We'll geek out on all things membership community management, engagement and personal development...over umbrella drinks by the pool and while walking on the beach.


Why do I do this?

To be honest...I do this because I’m on a mission to help Community get the respect it needs in the online membership world.

While it’s difficult to clearly connect it directly to your bottomline {moolah} community packs a powerful punch when done well.

It gives back to businesses in ways you can’t even begin to imagine and it's time that membership owners and teams took it seriously {while having FUN while we're at it}.

So there you have it...a little more about me.

Who am I kidding...that's A LOT more about moi and I know nada about YOU.

Now it's time to do make a change...right?  Give your community and your members the truly unique and stick around for life experience they are craving.  Sign up to get my word babies {emails} directly to your inbox. Funny and actionable emails that you'll actually take the time to read...rather then roll your eyes at.

 2019, Diana Tower

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