Want to learn more about me?

Seems fair enough, as I already know so much about you dude.

You’re that entrepreneur who’s got that special something-something and drive to match it, right?  Impressive expertise, massive knowledge and a big heart to boot!

You’ve also got a dirty little secret though, don’t you.  That gnaws at your mind a bit because you aren’t sure what to do about IT and don’t know how IT fits into your business.  

And by IT I mean… Community.

You aren’t sure if you should pull the trigger –and risk opening a massive time suck-, or perhaps you went *bang* and now kind of wanna shoot yourself because your community is taking up way too much time, energy and is as engaged as a sloth.  FML.

Well, you’re in luck my friend, because dianatower.com is your online community oasis.

*Cue the heaven clouds, streams of light and angels singing!*

Everything that you’ll ever need to build, engage and manage a community for your paying clients will be here waiting for you…the information watering hole in the desert of community building.  

  • Ultimate guides to deep dive into the fundamentals and give DIYers the beefy info goodness they crave.
  • Actionable essays to make your life easier and have more fun as you provide community to your clients.
  • “The Diana Tower Show” podcast to answer your “feels like a bladder infection” burning questions in a fun way (I’ll admit that I love the sound of my voice and I hope you will too).
  • Coming (it’s about bloody time) soon:
    • Premium DIY video workshops, where you’ll work with me step by step to get shit done methodically…not shooting in the dark.
    • Group coaching program: to walk you (or your community manager) build, launch, engage and manage your paid community from A to Z.
    • 1-on-1 consulting for business owners and CEOs that frankly…can’t be arsed to do this shit themselves

Everything here was made for YOU.  To answer your questions that quietly gnaw at the corners of your grey matter.

  • How much time and energy does it REALLY take to maintain and engage a thriving community?
  • When is it right for my business to offer a community?
  • How do you handle assholes, needy weirdos, people with “questionable” mental states and self-promotional punks?
  • How to make sure your time and energy isn’t wasted on something that doesn’t support your bottomline?
  • How to not let your clients down and disappoint them?

This and so much more is what we’ll be digging into here.  I look forward to it.

Meet your personal Community Strategist..


In her free resource “The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Online Community From Scratch,” Strategic Community Consultant Diana Tower debunks common myths about building online communities and shares her step-by-step roadmap to getting started on the right “profitable” foot.

She is New York Times best selling author Ramit Sethi’s trusted Community Manager and Business Coach for his Accelerator program; his $1k per year program providing personalised coaching to over 500 ambitious entrepreneurs and self-funded start-ups.

She’s also the host of “The Diana Tower Show” podcast where she deep dives into your “it burns” questions and sits down with incredible entreprenurs like Primoz Bozic, Marc Aarons, Nick Wolny, Camille Virgina, Sarah Jones and many more.

She advises business owners with communities of all sizes; ranging from 7 to just over 9,000 members.

In 2016, Diana presented in front of a 500-member audience alongside Primoz Bozic and Marc Aarons at Forefront; an exclusive live event in NYC for driven entrepreneurs and she had the honour of MCing Forefront in 2017 along side Marc Aarons.

Diana rocks the shit out of her keyboard in her cozy office nook, from a misterious town in the south of Spain, which she now calls home (she’s Canadian, eh!).

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