Real Unicorns who
get real results.

The perfect-for-you Community Manager exists —
and I’m here to prove it.

Your paid community used to be something that filled your cup.

But now it’s a stressful obligation that sucks the joy out of
the room with a bendy straw. *Slurp.*

No judgement from me, though.

Feeling overwhelmed by an engaged AF community is totally

You’re not the first membership owner to be overwhelmed
by their membership community. Especially since your
community drives recurring revenue.

Now, you’re ready for a refill.

Ready for someone to swoop in, expertly clean up the daily
membership messes, and pour a bevvy in your cup until you
feel like YOU again.

This special someone should really own the community piece of
your membership business, and keep all the balls in motion while
you’re focusing on other avenues to rake in money.

You want an exceptional human who’s professional, strategic, and
emotionally intelligent enough to love on your people just as well
(if not better) as you do.

You’re looking for a Unicorn.
(I’ll even bet you a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ‘bout it.)

Unicorns are expertly-trained + mentored Community Managers
who fix problems before you know they exist, develop ideas you’d
never dream of, and keep your entire paid group running silky

Think of their hooves repeatedly smashing into that EASY button,
always at your beck + call.

I’m Diana Tower, and think of me as the
Unicorn whisperer — who never uses her
inside voice.

As a Membership Community Strategist who’s been in the industry for
5+ years, I know exactly what it takes to keep members engaged, paying,
and proud to be a part of your community.

(Just ask Ramit Sethi. I was the Community Manager for his 7-figure
coaching membership for 3 years, before choosing to take my
Unicorn-training skills to a global level.)

Ever since my first day managing a paid membership, I’ve been on a
mission to create a herd of emotionally-strategic Community
Professionals who make the world a better + kinder place — one
community at a time. (Oh, and make you fall wildly in love with your
membership again.)