001 – Welcome – What this online community strategist has planned for you!

001 – Welcome – What this online community strategist has planned for you!

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In this episode quickie – clocking in at 7 minutes – I wanted to set the stage (so you know what this invitation only podcast is all about) and also introduce you to influential people that come up in some of the interviews, and who I wanted to give a shout out to.

First up, Ramit Sethi; CEO of I Will Teach You To Be Rich and GrowthLab, my first major client and someone I can’t say thank you enough to.  Why so much gratitude for someone who used to be some random Indian dude, barefoot on a financial book called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”?  Thanks to him I finally got systems in place so I could stop thinking so much about money but know that it was taken care of.

Because he has been instrumental in my growth as a professional, and as a human being.  That’s another post in and of it’s self, but I will say joining his online business program, Zero to Launch (ZTL), later joining the business coaching program Accelerator (which I am now the Community Manager and one of 3 Business Coaches), and brushing up my copy writing skills with his copywriting program Call To Action (CTA) has changed my life.

I can also thank Ramit for bringing two of my now best friends; Primoz Bozic and Marc Aarons into my life.

Primoz Bozic is an online business coach who always goes above and beyond, and you’ll REALLY get to know him in episode three of the show, when I sit down with him (my very first guest!).

Marc Aarons, is another future guest on the show and I work along side him in Accelerator.  He’s strategic AF and has a way of always asking the best questions.  It was fun to turn the tables around and put him in the hot seat.  Make sure to sign up to my email list so you know when his interview goes live.

You’ll also hear me mention a live event, Forefront, which I write about here.  This annual event for 500 people has been a highlight for me over the past 2 years (in NYC and Chicago).

Next episode?

I’ll be turning the mic over to my 5 year old son Jack so that he can interview me, so that you can get to know me a bit better.  Come on over to have a listen.

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