The Diana Tower Show

Hola *waves*!  Diana Tower here and on this show, we'll focus on all things online community and connecting with badass entrepreneurs.  Take a lookie-loo at this video below.

Here we'll deep dive into your burning questions about online communities and sit down with some of the kindest, most fascinating entrepreneurs I know and love.

  • You'll learn a lot.
  • You'll grow a lot.
  • AND {most importantly} you'll smile, laugh out loud and gift yourself a moment to have FUN.

Fasten your digital seat belts my friends...this ain't your typical business podcast.

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Is this podcast for YOU?

If you're an ambitious, hard working, "all-in" entrepreneur who still has their doubts about online community {and how it fits into their business model}, grab your headphones.  This shiz-naz is for you.

  • Discover why most entrepreneurs start a community too soon (or worse...a free one).

  • Save massive amounts of time and headaches when building your community (avoiding time sucks and doing it "right" from the get go).

  • Learn how to engage your community without being in it 24/7 (you've got other shit to attend to).

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