Ramit Sethi’s Mental Mastery Review: The Most Entertaining & Honest Course Review You’ll Ever Read.

Ramit Sethi’s Mental Mastery Review: The Most Entertaining & Honest Course Review You’ll Ever Read.

Today I wanted to do a Mental Mastery review because people were asking me about it and it's actually my favourite IWT course.

When a friend reached out to me via Facebook Messenger, I gave her my quick 2 cents.

But today, I wanted to dig in deeper that that FB message and share my experience working through the program, and how it's helped me start publishing more content.

Confession:  I went through Mental Mastery almost a year ago, and this review has been collecting digital dust in my Google Drive for months.  I've been hoarding my word-babies {articles} because I'm scared.  I am a perfectionist and whenever I write something I want it to be epic and blow your minds {that's why I love Ultimate guides} but I realised that this desire to be "perfect" was stopping me from sharing more of my insights with you.

I just circled back to the Mental Mastery program and watched the "How to get out of your own head" video and boy did it hit home.  

You see...ultimate guides are "home runs" for me, but what I should be doing is taking more swings.  This is the metaphor that Ramit shares in this 9 minute video and boy did it hit home.  Rather than than trying to "brute-force" my way through publishing my content...took a moment to dig in.  

Watching the video feels like I've just sat down for a quick chat with Ramit.  Not only do I better understand WHY I've been "hiding", but also what I can do to move forward and "take more swings".

So I'm officially Marie Kondo'ing my G Drive, so you can read ALL the content that I've been holding back.  Even if it isn't perfect.  😉

Why did I join Mental Mastery in the first place?

On the “START HERE” page of the course I explained why I jumped on the course in the comments section.

Not only has this course helped me by going through it once, but it's something I can go back to again and again...like I did today when I was struggling to post this review.

So let’s dive in.  Saddle up for a fun review of Ramit Sethi’s Mental Mastery program.  

BTW, I’m not an affiliate, and no one on the IWT team asked me to write and share this review.  

I just enjoyed the program, found it valuable and wanted to share my experience.

Let’s do this!

Module 1: Unstoppable Motivation

Video #1:  The big lie we tell ourselves about motivation

You’ll have to join the course to watch video #1 and find out for yourself. 😉

Boy, do I loved this video.  

It gives you permission to not fall into the trap of finding your “big vision”.  I know that I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I want to be doing with my life, what’s the impact I want to make on the world with my business and what my legacy will be.

Instead, Ramit keeps it simple by getting you to ask yourself ONE simple question, which flips this common lie that we tell ourselves on its head.  So helpful.

COOL NOTE:  Know that after every video of Mental Mastery, Ramit invites you to take action and DO something (which is awesome!), and share about it in the comments.

Here he got us to share our own street-level motivations and you can see mine below.

It’s kind of funny because this review of Mental Mastery is the perfect example of how I like to create badass documents that make decision making easier.  I just need to make sure that I don't let me desire to create badass things doesn't stop me from pulling the trigger.

I particularly like my second reply though, focusing on liberation.  I have spent many years trying to “figure myself out” and rather than do that, I’m now focusing on taking action, having fun and doing what excites me.  Amen!

VIDEO #2:  How to get out of your own head

This is such a great video.  I love how Ramit shared examples from his own life and those of his students.  But more importantly he breaks down the psychology behind why people don’t go all in.  

You will also hear Ramit use the word “abundance” in this video (I shit you not) and he introduces the concept of “taking more swings” which is freaking fantastic!  Batter up!  It's the video that helped me get back to publishing articles...and sharing this one with you as well.

COOL NOTE:  I love when Ramit changes his voice and pretends to be someone else “I don't know if this is going to go anywhere”. Hilarious.

VIDEO #3: From lazy to driven: The secret to hard work that separates winners from losers

This was such a huge video for me (and it was under 5 minutes!!).  I never thought about this concept of how the desire to “make everything easy” might actually be hurting me.

It’s so cool to look back on my comments too.  In the end I reached out to over 20 people for my podcast AND I have been going to the gym consistently 5x a week for over 3 months.  While my podcast is currently on pause until I can create a better system to edit and share the audio, I have been running 5x a week for months and writing consistently.

This video really helped changed the way I look at how I do things...and why easier isn’t always what I should be striving for.

VIDEO #4: A personal “kick-in-the-ass” from Ramit

Ohhhh YEAH!  When I saw the title of this video I rubbed my hands together with glee.  I honestly love getting a personal “kick-in-the-ass” from successful people...especially Ramit.

This video has got to be my fav.  I am officially downloading it to my phone so I can re-listen to it whenever I need a swift kick in the ass.  

Actually...having all the audios on your phone would be a great way to get a dose of Ramit on the daily.

We all know how Ramit feels about meditating but maybe he’s changed his mind.

For me...I realised that I didn’t have deadlines for some of my projects and I really wasn’t pushing myself to getting shit done.  I especially like his reference to limiting blocks that might be slowing us down.

It really made me think about how I do things and how I can choose goals that aren’t “safe”...but rather goals that push out of my comfort zone.

I also love his example of a ZTL student doing immersion and how they might be slowing themselves down.  It’s a classic example...and a great solution to fix it.

Anyone who is struggling with immersion in Zero to Launch needs this freaking video!

VIDEO #5: From HOT to COOL: How to develop effortless discipline

Ok ok...I know I said that the last one was my favorite...but I changed my mind.  THIS one is (or maybe I just love them all...yup.  I love them all).

This video completely changed the way I think and feel about my emotional reactions to situations.  This is huge for me because anyone that knows me well knows that I’m an emotional person.

Rather than having to struggle and fight with the way I feel...I can simply turn down the dial.  My husband is forever thankful for the discovery of this dial!

Module 2: Unshakable Confidence

VIDEO #1: How to manage your inner critic

We all have situations when our inner critic comes out to play.  Even Ramit; yup...he shares when his inner critic shows up.  

My inner critic is a real B*tch when I’m doing something new and out of my comfort zone.  {Example...posting content on the regular...that isn't massive and perfect!}

It’s easy to think that successful people don’t have inner critics but it’s just not true.  Top performers have them...but Ramit shares his counterintuitive advice on how to deal with them (GENIUS) and spoiler alert...it’s not trying to “quiet” them.

I LOVE what he highlights as the CORE of the inner critic and how we can flip it around.  #gold

VIDEO #2: “Trust Your Legs”: How to overcome your fear of failure

This video is gold people.  F-ING GOLD! It’s simple concepts like THIS that will stick with you beyond the course and help you handle your mental game in stressful or high stakes situations.

I love the story that Ramit shared about the situation with his trainer.  So true and applicable to many situations I’ve been in.  

There is something to be said for simply TRUSTING yourself.

VIDEO #3: How to develop natural confidence, even if you weren’t born with it

This video was super useful.  I love the example with Obama and it made me realise that there are several things that I can do to boost how confident I appear.  

For example...I tend to speak quickly...but by slowing down it makes me appear more intentional and thoughtful.

It seems that Ramit really wants to fist bump you.  😉

I love that Ramit highlights how confidence is a skill you can learn.  You don’t need to be born with it and you can strengthen your confidence muscle.  I especially like his approach to learning how to strengthen that muscle.

VIDEO #4: Intuition: The forgotten power of trusting your gut

Loved this video!  I know I’ve had a lot of situations where I’ve had to trust my gut and go with it.  I also realised that this is actually one of my strengths...being able to act quickly and think on my feet.

It’s also interesting to see how Ramit has changed over time in terms of his use of data.  

You’ll have to join Mental Mastery to find out.

Sometimes data can’t help you.  You need to trust your gut...and ultimately YOURSELF.

Here’s my Forefront post; {it’s one of my favourite posts}.

VIDEO #5:  "It's OK to be weird"

This is such a great video...not just because Ramit shares what he thinks is disgusting (I had no idea that he hated this!) but because it highlighted how much I am a people pleaser.  

I have this tendency to please others {can you relate?}, and sometimes that comes with a price...my own enjoyment or benefit.  Saying yes without taking into consideration what I want to do, leads to a lot of resentment. No bueno.

In the comments for this video, it was fun to confess some things I don’t like and the idea of being “unapologetic” feels empowering.

I'm going to leave it there...the first 2 modules, but here are the video titles to give you a taste of what modules 3 and 4 hold. They are amazing, just like modules 1 and 2.

Module 3: Unwavering Focus

VIDEO #1: Inbox Zero, and other productivity myths
VIDEO #2: Going All-In: How to get over analysis paralysis
VIDEO #3:  How to fix your social media addiction
VIDEO #4: "Your problem is not my problem": How to set boundaries and say “no”
VIDEO #5: Mental Reset: How to get back on track when you get distracted

Module 4: Unbeatable Optimism

VIDEO#1: How to scrape the meat off the bone from every opportunity
VIDEO #2: The language of winners
VIDEO #3:  Putting a lid on negativity
VIDEO #4: One technique you can use to make yourself happier everyday
VIDEO #5: “Your biggest growth is ahead of you”

How to get the most from the program?

First, work through the entire program.  Watch a video a day as they are released.  Then once you'ev completed the program I would recommend downloading all of the audios onto your phone so you can review them again and again.  On your commute to work, when doing errands etc.

You could even set one as your alarm in the morning so that Ramit can help you kick off your day.  

The key for me has been repetition.  If you watch them once it won't make that much of a difference, but repeat exposure to the insights and advice will help you adopt Ramit's teachings so that you can think this way automatically.

Should you take Mental Mastery?

If you’re looking to shake things up in your head and change your perspective,  I highly recommend this program. It’s not only useful for approaching your business, but your relationships, your health and everything in between (your ears).

It’s amazing what happens when you aren’t slowing yourself down, or second guessing yourself because of your mindset and beliefs.

What about you?

Have you taken Mental Mastery?  
If so, which was your favourite video?

Hugs and skittles,

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