004 – The Importance of Community Guidelines

004 – The Importance of Community Guidelines

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Is this episode for you?  

If you’re an entrepreneur who has a community for one of your paid offers (online course, live retreat, coaching program) and you want to ensure that your members get the most from it, while supporting your business goals as well; you’re in the right place.

Leslie Chen, the founder of www.ricelean.com reached out to me for help with her community for her new coaching program, Automated Freedom.  She used my ultimate guide to engaging your online community members, to set it up and had some additional concerns that many community owners have.  And I wanted to share some strategic advice and tactics that YOU can use to make your communities extremely valuable for your members.

In this episode we explore the #1 reason why your members might not be doing what you want them to be doing, and why you feel like you have to make a lot of “engaging” content.

I’m also thrilled to announce that not only can you listen to the podcast, you can WATCH it as well on YouTube.  I changed up my workflow and now I can deliver VIDEO and AUDIO in almost the same amount of time!  BOOM!

What do we cover in episode #4?

  • We kicked things off with Leslie’s opinion on community guidelines.  Perhaps you share her opinion.
  • Explore what is her goal for her community (deeper than “bringing people together”)?  
    • By the way, it’s 2 parts.  
    • 1. What is your goal for your members?  What are they walking away with?  
    • 2. And what are YOU walking away with?
  • We explore Leslie’s specific goals for the community which initially was just “embrace the chaos”.
    • What’s your bottom line for your community?  
    • What is the experience you want for your members?  
    • What do you want people to feel in relation to your group?
  • Discover Leslie’s biggest fear when she was setting up her group.  You probably had the same fear.
  • The one emotion that should not be involved when you craft your guidelines.
  • Be a fly on the wall as I do a community audit for Leslie’s group.
    • Learn a fantastic idea that can help consolidate the information that each member shares, creates a journey for them AND allows you to collect fantastic testimonials and case studies.
    • How to create files directly in your FB group.
  • Learn what Leslie wished she had known from the beginning.
  • Why guidelines are like saving for retirement
  • Why you need to balance meeting people where they are and maintaining your stance as a brand.
  • Around minute 29, Diana gets silly.
  • Around minute 31 we wrap things up and kick off da’bloopers!

Fascinating people and resources from this episode

I’d love to hear from YOU in the comments below.  What was the most useful thing you learnt in this episode?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Also, what do you think about this format?  Do you like having the video?  I’m testing things out and your opinion matters to me.

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  • Hi Diana! The most useful thing in this episode is the community audit that you did with Leslie. I specifically like how you highlighted what you liked (many of them were are things you had recommended in the Ultimate Guide) and what could be improved. And hats off to Leslie for opening this view into her business and her challenges.

    The video format is awesome – especially during the community audit portion. I also liked the audio format so I could listen to this interview while I was did chores around the house.I had a hard time hearing what Leslie was saying sometimes. I also think time stamps on the transcripts would be helpful for me to go back to specific parts of the interview.

    I hope this is the kind of feedback that you wanted. Thank you for doing this!

  • Hi Filipina,

    This is exactly the feedback that I was looking for! #nailed it!

    I’m glad that you found the audit useful. It’s one of the most powerful things I can do for a business owner in terms of community. Taking my community strategy insights and applying them to a community to help meet their specific needs. That’s when magic happens.

    I’m also excited that you enjoyed the video version. I love video, so the fact that I can provide it here makes me pretty darn happy. As for the audio, I’m sorry you couldn’t hear Leslie all the time. It’s funny because I didn’t plan on sharing the recording (that happened last minute) so I didn’t really focus on audio quality when we sat down to do the audit. Lesson learnt…make sure people use headphones and a good mic.

    Ooo timestamps. You got me. I was thinking about doing it but I wasn’t sure it would be all that useful. The fact that you’re mentioning it means that it is. 😉

    Thanks again for letting me know what you think Filipina. I appreciate it. 🙂