006 – How to Confidently Set Up a New Facebook Group for Your Paid Program.

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Here is a special treat of a solo-episode.  Last week I had the pleasure of helping Allon Khakshouri set up and launch the Facebook group for his new program, “FOCUS like a World Class Athlete”.

Not only did he need to do it in under 24 hours, he was hoping to have his VA do all the work.  That’s when I jumped in to help set things up right.  The first thing we did was have his VA set up the group.  Once it was done they let me into the group as an admin so I could take a look around and roll up my sleeves.  That is what this episode is.  I recorded a video walkthrough of how I audited and assessed the group and so I wanted to share this walkthrough with you.

You can listen in, or watch the video.  It might be easier/better to watch the video as you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about but if you’re driving, feel free to listen in.

== Fascinating people and resources from this episode ==

Allon Khakshouri, High Performance Expert, and Former Manager of World Number One Tennis Player Novak Djokovic

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