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IMPACTING MILLIONS® teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities, so you can get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives).

We're talking high traffic site guest posts, international podcasts, magazines {yes PAPER}, TV spots, speaking gigs and more.


IMPACTING MILLIONS® is right for you if…

  • You’re just getting started as a coach, consultant, service provider, or course creator. You feel lost in a sea of people doing work similar to yours… and you’re ready to stand out.
  • You’ve been in business for a few years, but you’re not getting the attention or clients you know your business deserves. (You know you’re amazing at what you do – you just need more people to know that, too.)
  • You’re an established 6-figure or multi-6 figure entrepreneur who dreams of writing books, being on television, or being seen as the top leader in your industry.

BONUS #1: Available to the first 5 people to join Impacting Millions

Personal invite to my
Mastermind Dinner in London (this May)

Nothing makes me happier than bringing amazing entrepreneurs together around the dinner table, so they can step away from their screens, turn off their phones and invest in their human relationships.  

At a table for 6, we'll connect as humans, enjoy great food, and have fun discussing more than just our businesses {though I'm sure it will come up too!}  

Will you be joining us?

BONUS #2: Available for the first 10 people who
join Impacting Millions + pay in full.

A spot in my “Impact Mastermind” ($1000 Value). 

If you’re one of the first 10 people to join Impacting Millions through my link and pay in full, you'll get exclusive access to coaching and support from me for 9 weeks!  

You'll get answers quickly, support with care and a sense of clarity as you work through the program.

Fun fact: I served as a senior business coach for Ramit Sethi’s 7-figure coaching membership "Accelerator" (from 2016-2019).

I'll support you the same way I did the 100s of business owners I've served from all angles...making me YOUR best-kept getting the most from Impacting Millions.

In this intimate mastermind, I'll be there for you to help you move forward faster, gain clarity, polish your copywriting (looking at pitches), mindset, and more.  

I'm a business coach, mindset coach, copywriting coach, community ninja and GIF artist all rolled into one.  😉  

Added the'll get to connect with an intimate group of other entrepreneurs in the mastermind who value investing in themselves as well.  

BONUS #3: Available to ANYONE who joins
Impacting Millions via my link.

A 1-on-1 Impact Strategy Session
60 minutes with me ($300 value). 

On this private call we'll focus on what will help you and your business the most...amigo to amigo {just you an me}.  We'll...

  • Assess your current stage of business to ensure you focus on the tasks that will make the most impact.
  • Establish your goals and create a plan to best implement and use Impacting Millions,
  • We can brainstorm your dream media list, free opt-in offers, review landing pages, and more.
  • BONUS: I'll make recommendations for publications (blogs, podcasts) to pitch that I know personally and that could be a good fit for your business.

Not to mention,

if you join before the 3 webinars end {Monday March 25th 5pm EST}'ll get some amazing fast action bonuses from Selena as well.

So dude, ready to stop holding yourself back in the shadows this year, and ready to step into the spotlight?

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I am a proud partner of the Impacting Millions program. If you enroll through my link, I will receive a commission which means I can provide you with extra bonuses to make your experience even better! I only promote people and programs that I stand behind 100% and that I know will help you create real results in your business. 

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