Want to stop being the bottleneck of your community and delegate 99% of it?


You’ve got better things to focus your time and energy on.  You don’t want to be “policing” the community and deciding if a post should be removed or not.  

You should be focusing on tasks that GROW your business; developing new programs, nurturing relationships and bettering yourself; not spending a massive chunk of your time managing your community.

You used to be really excited about your community, but now…to be honest…it’s frustrating.  


With all the benefits (higher retention, less churn, increased loyalty, easier customer research…), you pulled the trigger and a couple clicks later were LIVE!

You assumed you’d be waking up to scroll through an engaged, kick-ass community, but months…or even years later, you wake up to multiple “situations” in your inbox.

Slack messages and emails from your team asking:

  • How should we handle this post?
  • Is this self-promotional?
  • Should we delete this post and reach out privately or comment publicly and ask them to edit their post?
You find yourself asking 
“Why can’t people read the F-ing guidelines?”
under your breath on a daily basis. 

Let’s be real  

  • You love your clients and the community, but honestly?  You’re tired of having to jump in to police it.
  • You want your team to handle these issues themselves, without pulling you in.   
  • You want them to be empowered to handle 99% of the community management, while you focus your time and energy on things that GROW your business.
  • You still want to be in your community, but by providing unique value…not deciding if and when a post should be removed or not.  That’s why you hired your community manager, dagnabbit!

Why isn’t your community what you expected?

Because you’ve been approaching community based on myths that so many people believe are true. 

Don’t feel bad…you and the majority of other entrepreneurs that create a community, run their groups based on these 3 myths that sets them up to fail.

Lean in, cause Big D is about to share some secrets.

In order to have a community that delivers everything that you ever dreamed of (that boosts retention, drop in refunds, increased customer loyalty, repeat buyers, reduced customer service costs – just to name a few) there are 3 myths about community that you need to stop telling yourself…pronto!


If your product IS the community (like a coaching membership), that’s a different can of tuna, but if you’re running a community for one of your flagship courses or programs.  You need to stop believing that you have to be in there all the fucking time.

I know you feel like if you DON’T do this, that your community will be dead, and more of your members will request refunds but it just isn’t true.

Someone else who believed this myth was Selena Soo, Media and Publicity Strategist.  She has a Facebook group “The Insider’s Circle”;  for her flagship program Impacting Millions.

In 2017 she personally welcomed in over 200 students on the welcome thread.

Here is just a sample of the personalised welcomes she shared:

Can you imaging writing over 200 original welcome messages?

Cause that’s exactly what Selena did.  She replied to EACH and EVERY intro and made sure they were personal.  Can you imagine how much time that took!

Now, if you know Selena…you know how much she cares about her clients and she believed that she SHOULD reply to every intro, LIKE every post and even answer every question that came her way.

She thought she needed to be highly engaged in her community if she wanted her community to be engaged…but this couldn’t be further from the truth.


From day one, as a community host, you must set expectations.  If you are providing a community to work with you directly…great, but if you’re facilitating a community where members can come together and support one another…you must set the tone from the beginning.

So what did Selena do?  

For the 2018 launch of Impacting Millions she hired me to assess the community, create a strategic plan, implement it and support her team during the launch and refund period (and beyond).  

Not only did I have her stop writing individual welcome messages for each new member (while applying a different tactic to appear MORE present), we set the tone for her members to welcome each other into the group. 

Just look at the numbers:

In 2016 there were 1,097 comments, 2017 there were 1,084 comments an in 2018 (when working with me) 2,789 comments and engaged AF.

“I hired Diana to support me and my team during the 2018 launch of my Impacting Millions program. I’ve seen the power of our community (especially for retention) and this year we wanted to double down on it. Diana’s strategic insights and support throughout the launch and beyond have been invaluable. She proactively looks for ways to make my life easier, empower my team, and improve the experience of my customers. She is world-class at what she does!”

– Selena Soo 


I don’t know where this urban legend emerged but holy hell is it killing community engagement.  

So many business owners are under the impression that people can magically know what is and is not ok behaviour in their community.  *Facepalm*

They started their community and either didn’t give guidelines a moment’s thought or they told themselves they’d establish them later.

This was the case with Géraldine Lepère.  She helps people learn to speak French and also FEEL French.  She created a program for her clients who wanted to improve their French skills and it was based on a Facebook group community. 

Did she set guidelines? 

Nope.  She didn’t take them seriously until an issue came up in the community that she had to take care of.   

A member was sharing things in the community that didn’t fit her vision for the group, but without guidelines she didn’t really know how to handle the situation.

She used my ultimate guide to draft the guidelines, and reached out to me for help polishing them. 

We reviewed them together (in French I might add) and made sure that they were direct, made her members feel the way they wanted to feel (emotions are super important for strong communities), and figured out a way to message on tricky issues without simply creating a DON’T DO LIST.

“Even though I was sure my guidelines were good enough, having Diana look at them was a huge value for me.  Having an expert pair of eyes, outside of what you’ve been doing every day, is super helpful.  With people like me, I don’t want to do it myself.”

– Géraldine Lepère


When you have them set (from the beginning), you dramatically reduce the amount of “policing” required and you also improve the experience of your members.

The problem is, that guidelines aren’t sexy.

When people know what is expected of them (and what is and isn’t welcome) they can strive to those parameters. If someone does not know the rules, then they will either not participate (due to fear of doing something wrong) or they will engage in ways that you want to avoid, without knowing it isn’t a part of your vision.


You want your group to be engaged so you look at what other groups are doing and simply copy them.  If it works for them, it will work for me…right?  WRONG.

You also brainstorm some tactics to boost engagement.  This makes you feel pretty good, and you do walk away with a long list of ideas like…

  • Create daily automated posts.
  • Host a challenge.
  • Add masterminds.
  • Start doing weekly office hours…or daily.
  • Facebook lives?
  • Reply to more posts.
  • Create a book club. 

But, how do you choose what to focus on, and how do you measure what’s working? 


You don’t want to host a shitty community like so many other online business owners, but chasing random tactics sets the bar low for you.

It doesn’t take into consideration your brand, your voice, your audience, how they want to feel and their motivation for being a part of the community.

It’s like making a blanket statement that everyone loves the beach.  Not true.

You want to create something of lasting value that really impacts your member’s lives, so you need to choose how you spend your time in your community wisely and base your decisions of research and data.

Now, it’s not your fault that you believed these myths.  So many business owners do. 

That’s where I come in.  

I’M DIANA, THE JEAN-LUC PICARD OF FACEBOOK GROUPS…{or any community for that matter}.

I work with A-list entrepreneurs like Ramit Sethi and Selena Soo, to provide a strategic and authentic approach to online communities.  

Why do A-listers turn to me?  

Not only do I help them engage their flagship course communities, I set up systems and operationalise their communities so they can delegate 99% of the community to their teams.  

Not only that…I’m a pretty awesome person that goes above and beyond to make a community the best place on the internet for your niche and audience.

What are other business owners
saying about Big D?

Working with Diana was incredible! She had such clear steps for the before, during and after, that incorporated not only strategic advice (which I CRAVE), but she also took into account the fears and anxieties that come with setting up a community. Addressing the mindset AND the strategy long before I began helped me actually set up a community that had a huge impact on the success of my course.

The engagement was off the charts! The students were epically engaged, even talking about starting books groups, meeting up in *person* (even though I had students from all over the world), creating outside groups to ensure continued community even after the course was over.It was incredibly helpful to have a clear structure, very clear guidelines and my OWN support when beginning this process. ”

-Tiffany McLain, heytiffany.com

Since 2015, I’ve been boldly going where no 7 or 8 figure business owner wants to go

…in the trenches of assessing, setting up systems and managing their online communities.  

I do the work that you don’t want (or know) how to do.


If you have a community, run a 7 or 8 figure business, and you feel like you’re spending way too much time on your community (or letting things slip), that’s where I come in.


I’ll go into your community, look through the entire group and all it’s parts and assess how they are helping or hurting your community. 

I’ll review your:

  • Facebook Cover Image
  • Group Description
  • Pinned Post
  • Welcome Post
  • Community Guidelines

so don’t have to.  You’ll walk away knowing how to boost engagement, without having to lift a finger.

Then I’ll circle back with an easy to follow and apply list of improvements.  I’ll also give you templates and a community strategy playbook customised to your community so that you can fix the highlighted issues right away.

That way you could have your community fixed in less than 2 weeks.
  • No more spending hours trying to figure out what is wrong, and trying random tactics.  
  • You’ll know what’s wrong, and how to fix it without wasting a minute more of your time.

If you want to go beyond just figuring out what’s wrong and fixing it yourself here’s where I can come in and, I can come in and fix it for you.  


I can take all the changes and improvement that I recommend in the Community Audit and make them happen…leaving you to focus on growing your business…or get some sleep

I’d create a set of resources for your team so they’ll always know what your perspective is on common (and tricky) situations, and they can simply handle it (without messaging you at all hours of the day).

I’ll write all your course announcement posts (in advance) so your team can schedule them and forget them.  I’ll also create beautiful branded images to use throughout the community.

Here are some examples from Ramit Sethi’s Accelerator Community

Here are some examples from Selena Soo’s Impacting Million’s Community.

I’ll even host a call with your team to check in and ensure they fully understand the new community strategy and playbook so you don’t need to explain it.


Lastly, I can do everything mentioned above and provide ongoing support to you, and your team during and after your launch.

I know you’re the type of person who wants to focus on the 20% of your business that matters most, so allow me to ensure that the 80% of behind the scenes community work is taken care of, and stops distracting you.

During a launch you know that the community needs more work, but your business still demands your attention.  That’s where I come in.

I work directly with your community manager so you know your community is covered without you being pulled in.

I’ll work with your community manager so they can strategically handle issues such as:

    • How to handle self-promotional members
    • Containing negative conversations regarding frustrating tech issues, disrespectful members etc.
    • Maintaining quality of questions asked to train members to ask better questions.
    • Establishing new habits (not expecting you to personally respond to all posts).
    • How to respond to negative private messages

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve got an extra set of eyes checking in on your community.

How do you know if you should work with me or not?

Maybe you’ve been sitting there, scrolling and nodding your head like hulla-girl bobbing around on the dash of your car.

Maybe you’re not sure if this kind of service is right for you.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a 7 or 8 figure business owner
  • You want to facilitate a world class community for your flagship course or program.
  • You want to be more hands-off in terms of community management, so you can focus on the 20% that really matters to your members.
  • You authentically want your members to succeed and care about them as people.
  • You want to simplify the management and back-end of the community so you can empower your team and be less hands on.

If yes, let’s hop on a call.

I’d like to take 30 minutes to understand your business and community better and how I can serve as your trusted advisor. 

Grab your spot here!

I look forward to understanding what’s working, whats not and how we can work together to nail your community goals.  

Come on.  Let’s boldy go…on skype to get our community jam on.